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| August 12, 2010


An insta-sandal that fights germy camground bathroom floors and is biodegradable to boot.

by: Will Rochfort

1 2 The Specs:
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Cost: $9.99
Sizes: Men’s and Women’s M and L

More Flips
Check out four more outdoor-minded styles. If you’re looking for the sandals with the most function per ounce, aesthetics be damned, then we might have exactly what you’re looking for. MyBfflz are ultralight footwear designed for use at college campuses, locker rooms, while on travel, etc. We decided to take them out to the mountains to see if we could use them for a weekend in the outdoors. Goofy looking? Yes. Useful? That would remain to be seen…

After my hiking buddies stopped laughing, they agreed that it would be tough to find a slimmer, lighter set of sandals. They are light on the environment too; they have an organic additive called EcoPure that promotes biodegradation when the shoes are thrown away. Without going too deep into the science, it promotes the material breakdown process in locales with specific microorganisms, like in landfills and places of that ilk.

Although the slip-resistant soles work well in the shower, that’s about as aggressive as I’d get with these sandals. They work fine for walking around, but if you’re trying to run to a scenic vista before the sun sets, these are not the best option. The toe loop that connects the thong of the shoe to the base of the sandal isn’t very thick, and with only a quarter inch of foam, it’s easy to see how they could rip with a bit of stress.

Where these flip-flops really shine, however, is in impromptu traveling situations where you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot but can’t wear normal shoes (e.g. – community showers). It would be hard to pack anything lighter than the MyBfflz, and when you end up at a campground bathroom that looks like it has a science experiment growing on the floor, you’ll be thankful for the antimicrobial treatment. And of course, if you just want to impress your friends, feel free to bust them out while relaxing around camp. I promise tthey are nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Bottom Line: Granted, you could buy cheaper sandals at Wal-Mart, but there’s no way they’ll be as light and pack as flat as these bad boys (not to mention you’ll be green-guilt free when you eventually toss them).


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