BIODEGRADABLE: What it means

| July 22, 2011

Definition of BIODEGRADABLE:

capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (as microorganisms)<biodegradable trash bags>


— bio·de·grad·abil·i·ty
— biodegradable noun
— bio·deg·ra·da·tion
— bio·de·grade

First Known Use of BIODEGRADABLE: 1961

bfflz are biodegradable:

Protect The Environment: Choose Biodegradable Materials

Don’t buy standard plastic flip-flops! They’ll eventually find their way to a landfill where they will pine for you for the next 1,000 years. Choose bfflz. They’re not only functional and fun, but they help decrease your carbon footprint.

Your Present To The Earth

bfflz are  made with EcoPure®, a product of the future intended to help keep the world green.

eco-pureThe slip-resistant soles are made with EcoPure® an organic additive, that promotes biodegradation of the bfflz soles in an active microbial environment (aka, landfills).


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