Meet the intelligent flip-flop…bfflz defends against nasty bacteria, is bio-degradable, and tucks into their case until you need them.  They’re perfect for travel, hotels, and spas. Unzip the waterproof case, remove the bfflz. Pop ‘em then Lock ‘em. Slip ‘em on and go – you’re not just wearing flip-flops, you’re bfflized!
how to use<strong> bfflz </strong>Carry your bfflz anywhere, stored in their zip lock water resistant case, until you’re ready to use them. Your bfflz pop-up flip-flops are fun to wear, antimicrobially protected, and biodegradable. 

bfflz, the intelligent flip-flop

bfflz are compact, convenient, comfortable, antimicrobial treated, biodegradable, affordable, non-skid soles, and of course, cute.

You know the old saying “if your feet aren’t happy the rest of your body suffers” so get bfflized and take happiness in stride.

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