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Product Information bfflz (best feet for life) are functional and reusable pop-up flip-flops that are both antimicrobial and biodegradable. Just think, not only are they fun and functional, but they help decrease your carbon footprint. 

The fabric that covers the footpad is treated with AgionĀ®, the first antimicrobial technology to be certified for its environmental intelligence. Just as you might catch a cold or flu from airborne germs, your feet are susceptible to infections.

The soles are made with EcoPureĀ®, a natural additive, which is completely biodegradable in microbial landfills.

Compact, comfortable and convenient, bfflz slip into your carry on and slip on your feet on board the plane, in your dorm or hotel room, at the gym or anywhere you want to keep your feet clean and odor free.

Packaged in a zip lock water resistant case they fit easily into your hand bag or carry on.

Kick off your shoes and get bfflized!

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A product of Achieve O2

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