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Spas And Locker Rooms Often Are Breeding Grounds For Bacteria

Nasty infections that make your feet itch and burn can thrive in locker rooms and spas. Whenever you expose your feet to locker rooms and showers or parade them around half naked you take the risk of coming in contact with deadly bacteria.
So forget about being the barefoot contessa (or count) unless you

want to host an open house for germs. Pull out your bfflz to safeguard your feet – ’cause without them you’re going nowhere.

When You Take Off Your Shoes, Protect Your Feet

Open your gym bag and remove your bfflz from their easy to pack, water resistant case. Pop ’em, lock ’em and walk ’em – you’re bfflized and your feet gain protection to help guard against infection.


how to use<strong> bfflz </strong>

Help protect your feet in spas and locker rooms from infections.

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