Take the BFFLiZer Quiz

1. Wearing flip-flops is basically the same as going barefoot.

FALSE. Forget about being the barefoot contessa (or count)! Going barefoot is like an open house for germs/infection. Put on your bfflz and safeguard your feet.

2. Regular flip-flops are biodegradable.

FALSE. Instead of buying basic flip-flops that will eventually find their way to a landfill where they will pine for you for the next 1,000 years, choose bfflz. bfflz are made with EcoPureĀ®, a product of the future intended to help keep the world green.

3. bfflz fit in your glove compartment.

TRUE. Pull your flat bfflz case out of your glove compartment and seize the day.

4. I can’t catch my roommate’s ugly yellow toe nail fungus.

FALSE. Just as you might catch a cold or the flu from air borne germs, your feet are susceptible to infections that your roomates may bring your way. Athletes foot, mold and other microbes thrive in public restrooms. Hand santizers are common but what about your feet. bfflz to the rescue.

5. Locker rooms and spas are cleaned regularly. I am safe from harmful bacteria there.

FALSE. Nasty infections that make our feet itch and burn can thrive in locker rooms and spas. Yuk! Help safeguard your feet by wearing bfflz.

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