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Protect Your Feet As You Travel

Airplanes, trains, and hotels are common places to pick up unwanted bacteria, not to mention dirty streets and public bathrooms. Slip into your bfflz and travel in comfort as they help ward off potentially harmful microbes. Whenever you expose your feet to the street or parade them around half naked in dirty public spaces you take the risk of coming in contact with deadly bacteria. So forget about being the barefoot contessa (or count) unless you want to host an open house for germs. Pull out your bfflz to safeguard your feet – ’cause without them you’re going nowhere.

Rather than wrestle with your shoes at airport security bfflize! The people in line behind you will thank you.

When Space Is An Issue

Travel is the perfect time for bfflz! Their easy to pack zip-lock case slides into any suitcase. Pull them out, pop them up and put them on for on board protection in the plane or in your hotel room.

How do your feet stand up?take the BFFLZizer Quiz